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Kathy as a Speaker

Dr Kathy Gruver is an internationally known motivational speaker and has shared her message with millions. Please contact us for more information about bookings and appearances. Every audience is different and every event calls for a different aspect of the speaker. Kathy doesn't offer cookie-cutter programs. Each of the topics below is customized for the client to maximize the benefit. A list of topics and further information follows.

  • Conquer your Stress: An interactive and entertaining presentation on proven techniques to reduce stress.
  • Five Keys to Stress Reduction

    It's estimated that stress is responsible for 60-90% of doctor's visits and, one million workers miss work each day because of stress, costing companies $602 per employee per year, according the American Institute of Stress. It is imperative that we recognize that stress is not the problem - it's our reaction to our stress and we can learn to control it. Acquire cutting edge self-care techniques - affirmations, visualization, mindfulness techniques and mini-meditations - that staff can do on their own for better health. A stress-free staff is a productive, healthy and happy staff. Dr. Gruver will share her decades of experience and you will walk away inspired to make positive changes in your life, your company and your staff.

    • Recognize the emotional, physical and behavioral signs of stress.
    • Examine current research on meditation, positive self-talk and visualization and how it can be incorporated into your workday.
    • Learn a simple technique, known as a mini-meditation, to stop the stress response in its tracks.
    • Understand how you can use your daydreams to boost immune function and increase relaxation.
    • Discover how to incorporate mindfulness into your day even if you think you don’t have time.

    Through the use of personal examples, client history, humor and PowerPoint, Gruver will explain in-depth the warning signs of stress and how we can use various personal techniques to overcome the stress response. We incorrectly believe that stress is the problem – something overwhelming us that we cannot control. Yet stress isn't really the problem. It's our personal reaction to stress that is the fundamental issue. Based on a program Dr. Gruver created for the U.S. Military, she teaches practical and proven methods in a group setting and leads everyone in a visualization for progressive muscle relaxation, and mini-meditation. Dr. Gruver also discuss how we can use visualization to boost our immune function and improve sports and work performance outcomes. Additionally you’ll explore how our words and affirmations can make a difference in our daily lives. Also covered will how we can incorporate all of our senses in daily mindfulness to decrease the stress response and gain control over our reactions, bringing us to greater peace and productivity. Attendees will walk away with an increased sense of control over stress, and practical tools that can be immediately put to use in their everyday lives.

  • Go For It! Finding inspiration in everyday life.
  • After losing her mom at the young age of 18, Dr. Gruver vowed to live her life to its fullest every moment, and learning to say yes to every opportunity. The perfect combination of formal learning and life experience combines to offer solid health advice mixed with personal tales of growth, success, failure and adventure. Stress is ultimately about perception and we can make dramatic changes in our lives, but we have to change our minds first. Using practical tools such as meditation and mindfulness, attendees will learn how small daily adjustments can lead to big changes.

    After a radio show host learned of a bad trapeze accident Kathy suffered, the host asked if she had a “death wish.” Dr. Gruver’s response was simple and emphatic. “No, I have a life wish,” she said on air. “I don’t want to be known for falling down, I want to be known for getting up.” Dr. Gruver will inspire you to get up, get moving and live more fully. Having experienced everything from body image issues to bullying, Gruver teaches practical and thoughtful advice using humor and personal experience so that anyone can overcome what obstacle is in their way. You can have more. You just have to ‘go for it!’

    Attendee’s comments: “You make me want to get off the couch and go do something,” and “It’s like getting advice from a trusted girlfriend.”


    • How our perception of stress keeps us immobilized
    • How the worst experience can be turned into a moment of growth and learning
    • To understand the ‘negative’ yet live fully in the here and now
    • How to ask for what you truly want
    • What things like visualization and affirmation can do to improve our lives
    • The power of meditation and mindfulness on setting future goals and reaching them

  • Work/Life Balance: The Key to Increased Productivity and Enhanced Health
  • Finding a way to balance work responsibilities with home life and personal needs is increasingly more difficult in this fast paced world. Explore ways to decrease stress at the office while making healthier choice at home.

    • What to look for to see if you are stressed
    • Ways to eliminate the stress response in a matter of moments
    • Learn a simple mindfulness technique that places you back in the present moment to truly enjoy your time at home and increases focus at the office
    • Discover simple, proven techniques to stop stress NOW

  • Wellness for the Over-Worked Woman
  • We’re living in a time when women are told they can do it all…and they try. Learn about better nutrition choices, weight loss strategy and ways to boost energy. We can do it all, we just might need to add some tools to our tool chest.

    You’ll learn:

    • Nutritional choices to increase energy and ward off afternoon tiredness
    • Ways to fit in fitness
    • Stress busting tips like mini-meditations and mindfulness activities to keep you sane during your workday
    • Weight loss, depression and sleep secrets to enhance your life.

    And it’s good for men too.

  • Navigating Nutrition: What to Add and Subtract for Better Health
  • Nutrition can be tricky. How do you know what to believe? Every time you turn around there is a different health fad and study being revealed. Dr. Gruver clears up the misconceptions about food and shares the recent trends and facts about what you should add and subtract from your life. She offers reasonable, rational, and practical tips appropriate for every walk of life.

    • Learn what foods to eliminate from your diet for better health and weight loss
    • Examine what supplements can do for the body, if we really need them and what we should be taking daily
    • Uncover the hidden dangers in food and what we should be looking for on our food labels
    • See how our food and drink might be contributing to the growing epidemics of obesity, diabetes and cancer

  • Positivity Matters: Be positive now to improve health outcomes, increase productivity and enhance life satisfaction.
  • Deepen the positivity in your life. Change belief systems and attitudes with this motivational and fun keynote. Let’s face it, bad things are going to happen and we are going to experience stress. All we have is the ability to change our focus, our perception and our minds. Learn practical tips to make those shifts in our own attitudes to turn negative to positive.

    A combination of psychology, philosophy and practical tools to help you change your mind about life. Everything we experience is just our perception of the event, where we put our focus makes all the difference. By examining our conditioning and the influence of other people, we can make changes in our own insights to heighten our experiences. Be positive now, it leads to more health, more success and more life satisfaction.

    • Learn to live life to its fullest and ‘go for it’
    • Examine the role of perception and focus in our interpretation of events
    • Reframe the stories of your life for more resilience, happiness and satisfaction
    • Make changes in your viewpoint to see the positive in any situation
    • Discover how to find the choices available to you every time
    • Experience affirmations, visualization and mindfulness and how they make all the difference in how we view our world.
    • Look at the role of gratitude in changing focus
    • Practice cognitive restructuring, which gives us options in how we focus our view

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Berkeley Springs International Bottled Water Competition. Lecture The History of Healing; Water Through the Ages

Available for customized training programs. Please inquire for details.


Travel from Santa Barbara, CA

AV Requirements: Projector and Screen where PowerPoint is requested

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