Kathy L. Gruver, PhD

Motivational Speaker, Award-Winning Author, Guest Expert (trapeze artist)

Inspiring, Educating, and Entertaining People Around the World

I educate the public and encourage them to take control of their health and wellness. Described as both inspiring and entertaining, I can help make your next retreat, conference, workshop or spousal event memorable. As a former actor, I bring creativity and humor to every lecture. With a down to earth, hands on approach to health and wellness, attendees always walk away with usable tools and a new found sense of inspiration to make changes in their lives.

Kathy as a Speaker:

"...highly inspiring and uplifting..."

- Levy Motebejane, unisa, South Africa

"...engaging and dynamic..."

- Kayo Matsumoto, Cancer Support Community

"...an absolute pro..."

- Shawn Tempesta, Las Vegas' Morning Blend

"...intelligent, well-spoken, and passionate..."

- Elizabeth Lozano, "The Holistic Success Show"

  • 12 time award-winning author of five books
  • NSA member
  • TED-x speaker
  • Former actor and improvisation performer
  • Over 150 lectures in 7 countries
  • Over 250 radio and TV interviews
  • Contributed to scores of magazine, newspaper and on-line articles
  • Created a stress program for the US Military
  • Award-winning health practice
  • Appeared on a billboard in Times Square

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Please call me at 805-680-1984 or contact me via e-mail:


I look forward to hearing from you. Have a healthy day!

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